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Woman as Commodity
Woman as a commodity
Author sees the problem in social fabric

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  2. Purview

  3. Dilemma

  4. Conclusion


Under the dark shadows of recently held gang rape in national capital premises, everyone seems endlessly eager to express their sorrow, grievance, anger alongside reactions glued with suggestions. I would like to align them like this:

  1. India’s is a male dominant society.

  2. Woman is treated as a commodity here.

  3. Why each time girls only to be lectured on what to wear and what not to {which shows that even in urban, girls are commanded or if to say (with an urban attitude on rural) families deliver fatwa on their daughters}.

  4. Media, T.V., Internet is displaying/broadcasting/exposing highly sensitive material to children over which there is no parents/family’s gauge, observation or control (Which by chance if would had been uttered by a rural body for example Khap, everyone would have made a joke of it and could be seen relishing by putting a tag of being an outdated view).

  5. Relating to fourth point moral institutions are shrunken, diminished or dissolved.

  6. Rapists are ill health, they need proper treatment.

  7. Well needless to mention other already understood points like Police inability, administrative malfunctioning, judiciary’s tortoise like speed in tracking and delivering justice, lack of political will, under gloves endorsement kind of assistance to criminals through every branch of legal system (which we call sometime as corruption also) and etc.


My focus of topic here would be point 2 because all other points revolve/relate or contained around by point 2. I won’t be discussing point 7 because it is something everyone would have fed up of listening to.

So until when a woman will be treated/served as a commodity in our society, (no doubt in today’s context it is prevailing both in urban as well as rural):

  1. We need to write, execute and display our T.V., Internet and Media screens with scripts on gender equality. Apathy is that our community still provides highest T.R.P. to “Saas Bahu” type of serials and movies; more than 90% of bollywood (both small and big screen) is still ragging us on this line only.

  2. We need to check our social and spiritual books, bodies and institutions:

    1. Until when a Sita will be served to us (through text books, films and T.V. serials) as a Sati through Ramayana, which is nothing but whole proof to the mentality of treating woman as a commodity, which puffs in younger generation from here only?

    2. Until when our “Dharmraja” will be a wicked like “Yudhishthara”, who sold his own wife in gamble and that too without his wife’s (Draupdi) consent?

    3. Until when the care taker of our so called Heaven (Swarga) will be a rapist deity Indra, who not only raped devi Ahilya but was freed from any conviction for it?

    4. Until when an honor killer like deity Parshurama would be worshiped like an idol, who in the name of honor chopped off the neck of his own mother?

    5. Until when women will not be allowed to enter the basement of temples in all conditions?

    6. Until when male priests only be the solicitor of temples, why women are not in the scene here?

    7. Until when gimmicks like “Gwar, dhol, shudra, naari, ye sab taadan ke adhikari” will prevail basement of our morality?

  3. What to say about our caste system? In fact caste system is and has been both a valid source and reason for attacking/hating and molestation of the woman from counter societies (referring to view point 6 here). its roots also go to ages old traditions under which some barbaric traditions like “Devdasi”, “Garbh Pooja of a girl at her first puberty by temple priest that too in the basement of temple itself”. Who can say it a religion where under the threats of religious and spiritual shins a woman of one society is operated like a pet commodity?

  4. In modern day time, where these barriers should have been left behind, they are rather been reshaped by none other than so called modern and advanced societies (referring to view point 4 here). In a false competition for to be seen as most advanced and modern, people are riding lopsided, half baked social stunts and they often seen grouching the others so as to defy themselves a special class. It results in nothing but a revenge kind of psychology in others and they grab any such opportunity to exhaust their hatred through attacking/raping innocent women. This is called as “Spreading the legs out of bed sheet" or "Kavva chala hans ki chaal apni bhi bhool baitha” means we are even failed in every effort of copyng the cultures and fashions of others or so called this and that side culture and it is perhaps we are copying them. Thanks God that this incident happened in urban area that too of national capital otherwise some rural social body would have again been debated critically for this.

  5. Ones who lecture their daughters only (referring to view point 3 and 1 here) to wear this or that, they are the most cowardice or most arrogant people. They think that internal to house precautions only will keep their posterities intact from any such attack. Whereas it is equally important to raze the outer elements and social insecurities from roads and streets thereself.

  6. Indian social fabric is so complicated that each has their own nests like cubical cabins and hate the others for same. Which is further perhaps because they have inherited hatred for other genes and societies or have earned it with attained status and power, which never allow their nerves to breakout these barricades. Whereas solution is hidden in coming out and seeing others with gesture of generous equality. Ultmately this hatredness contributes in seeing the woman of others as a commodity.

Dilemma: Once doctor A.P.J. Kalam Sahab preached that we Indians are developed condition to fact that we should create a feel of self-esteem and self-reliance in ourselves; which only can come through amending our own deeds, duties and philosophies. And no one is doing? We are just a copy-paste material and we are best known for it in world. But be remembered copy-paste can never claim for a copy-right, can never get a patent.

We copy cultures that too without knowing its pros and cons like blind faith. We copy ideas and our Bollywood is the biggest testimony to it with starting from its movies to T.V. serials like Big Boss and other similar talent hunting shows. What we have of our own culture in it (of course not the one I just criticized above). We copy technologies.

If a NRI does something good in foreign (except those NRI's who have done something on India's cultural and social promotions, excluding personal achievements), which of course is never and no way benefitting the nation except a matter of joyous for corresponding belongings, they are launched as hero’s and our ideals, which further only promote the mentality of going to foreign and do something for them (foreigners) and your own nation fools will pat you for that. Hardly matter if our own talent somewhere in our own streets is starving of financial and social aids to prove his/her own ideas and talent.

Conclusion: Truth is that we are still slaves, before 1947 we were physical slave, now we have promoted ourselves as cultural slaves. And that is why we will remain as copy-paste material for ages until and as per doctor Kalam’s preach, we don’t search and conquer for our own self-esteem and self-reliance. And to start with that wiping out the caste system and gender inequality in all aspects, source and resource of life should be met first.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Revision: 19/12/2012

Publisher: NHReL

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