Nidana Heights - Logo and Theme Description

NH Prime Theme

Nidana Heights Logo (image to right):

In Logo:
  • Paras (Choupal) defines the village identity and love for unison and art;

  • Farmer with plough reflects the commitment and hard work to nourish the soil people;

  • Baynyan tree convey the message of prosperity and greenery;

  • Tractor indicate the coping and moving with time and having the best of business with you;

  • Telephone signal tower indicates the modernization and acceptance to change;

  • Wheat earrings indicates the hope, prestige and laurel;

  • Outer circle binds all in unison;

  • Circle and Paras color indicates the local affection for peace and penance;

  • “A cherish of pure India” states that true India still lives in her villages.

Nidana Heights Sub-Logo (Image to right):
  • Craft image reflects the hand craft house art (Charkha) and weaver work of village;

  • Peacock: the most pleasant and adored bird of village;

  • Rope (beneath peacock): the most usable multiple purpose element to villagers;

  • Gun with soldier helmet: the ages-old love and passion of villagers towards patriotism and nationalism;

  • Lit: immortal light of bravery and solidarity

Art Sculpture: reflects the Haryana village’s local house and building art (Image to right).
Nidana Heights Theme: (to right)

“Nidana Heights” calls you to accept challenge and conquer for status, name and fame.
“An Ecstasy of True Haryanav” reminds you of your social identity and glory.
“A portal to preserve and nourish the valued soil culture” invites you to speak for truth of culture and diminish the mist and false impressions from it.
Note: Text is appearing in three languages i.e. Hindi, Haryanvi and English.

Head Image and its background: all together an impression of ecstasy of true Haryanav.
NH First Anniversary (19th April 2013) Celebration Month Theme
NH Indian Independence Day Theme
Education and Heritage:

If both are induced in nation' child with true spirit and purity, a nation would get its real spiritual and effortless freedom automatically.
NH Nidana Heritage and Khap Khet Keet Pathshala, Nidana-Lalit Kheda Theme
Nidana Heritage: NH starts a mission to preserve its ages old ancient as well as modern architectural, infrastructural and residential art.

Khap Khet Keet Pathshala 2012: NH proudly shouts for its farmers' awareness and zeal to lead the changes in agri patterns by inducing self-researched know how. This pattern came into fashion in 2008 and saga grows remarkably and runs a state level
agri-workshop under the flagship of Agriculture Department of Haryana, which also reflects from its title.

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