Nidana Heights - Dedication

Important Note: NH (Nidana Heights) dedications go across regions, religions, castes, sexes, ages, and lineages to persons and belongings from, of or out of Nidana.

Words of Dedication: We, the Advisory Board of Nidana Heights (NH) here by express our dedications as below:

  1. NH is dedicated to Dada Nagar Kheda (the holy shrine) of Nidana Nagri

  2. …to all goodwill bearers, lovers and preservers of Haryanvi Culture

  3. …to all revolutionists, socialists, educationists and philanthropists known for Nidana and Haryanav

  4. …to child and youth of Nidana

  5. …to peasants, farmers, laborers and all other kinds of working forces of Nidana

  6. …to land, green-fields, flora, fauna, aroma and landscapes of Nidana

  7. …to arts, costumes, customs, folklores and festivals of Nidana

  8. …to all common and group oriented social beliefs and deities of Nidana

Finally we dedicate this website to all of you because you all as a whole make a true symbolism of the civilization called and known as “The Haryanav”.

NH is an effort to preserve and transfer valued values and culture of mother soil to next generations. We leave it up to you the respected visitors, members and users of Nidana Heights to decide on what to gain and attain from Nidana Heights and how to make it more reasonable and viable for yourself.

Finally we believe in continuous improvement thus open to any suggestion, feedback or new idea worth of improving this website. You can leave us your views any time at

With sincere salutations,                                                                                                                
Advisory Board,
Nidana Heights

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Date: 07-02-2012

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