Nidana Heights - Vision and Mission Statement

Nidana Heights Vision:

All around aspects of rural life of Haryana should be digitized and made available in its purest form from, through and/or across Internet globally.

Nidana Heights Mission:

  • To inculcate liberal and democratic ethos further to develop society as a civic society.

  • Haryanav should be known globally in its purest form and stand equally to its counter parts.

  • To document maximum about Haryanav taking Nidana village as a reference.

  • Generating local people e-platform to excel in global environment while staying connected to purest form of its cultural roots.

  • To generate a participation base users own Haryanvi encyclopedia.

  • Everything should be presented in its pure form without any favoritism of caste, religion, age and/or gender.

  • Everything should be presented in its pure form by staying neutral on positive or negative, appreciation or critics.

  • Presentation should be in three languages a minimum i.e. Hindi, Haryanvi and English.

  • To promote and bring up the valued social values and ethics of Haryanav by depicting their true picture to world.

  • To facilitate a complete first-hand online information source, career consultation and moral development center for youngsters and students.

  • To provide village people their own local online discussion and editorial forum without any favoritism.

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