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Local Eminence
Forwarding the village's esteem and proud to next generations

News, Events and Articles:

This section is for publishing any such story of a personality, historical importance, place, identity, fact or belief, which was/is/could be in the interest of social and cultural welfare and infrastructural development. Story can be from anywhere but it should address the local public concerns and interests.

Please send us your story at “nidanaheights@gmail.com” address (a proper contact us form is under construction and will be updated on site soon). You can also attach a document, image or video with your message.

You will be informed back with a response in both cases; first the case of acceptance and second the case of asking you to revise your story and send us back for re-consideration. Your story will be published on this section, with having link on Homepage of site for its first week of publication.

You can send us stories/incidents/moments/movements which fulfills below criterias:


Youngsters setting or set new trends (age below 30 years): Story of youth individuals, who themselves/oneself are/is coming forward and doing or taking such steps in society which despite being individuals are the demand of present day. For example steps like:
  • Initiatives taken for woman's equality and their increased social participation.

  • Marriage without dowry

  • Rural health, education and personal development

  • Implementation of such steps/policies which are constituted/ recommended by State or National Governments as well as Social Welfare Bodies like Khaps or equivalent.
Youngsters under this category who set/initiated/setting/initiating new trends in village
Prime Dates
Story Brief
"Peeliya" given in "Chyandan" on the occasion of birth of baby girl
Mrs. Sunita Kundu D/o Sh. Rammehar Singh Malik
Peeliya sent on 28th Sept, 2012 (Tes - Shukl Paksh according to deshi calender)
This initative broke-up the ages old tradition based on gender inequality; under the influence of which locally known "Peeliya" rashm practiced from the girl's parental side on baby's birth was performed on the occasion of the birth of a baby girl in the auspicious moments decided religiously for a baby boy
Marriage without dowry
Sh. Udham Singh Malik and Smt. Kusum Malik
They got married on 10th Dec, 2010
Sh. Udham decided to do marriage without dowry. He not only deny to take any dowry even managed all bed-room furniture and all other necessary stuff (which he might got through marriage dowry) which a newly married couple may require to start new life at his own. Sh. Udham and Smt. Kusum both are teachers by profession and are happily and reputedly living their lives. They are blessed with and now parents to a wonderful baby boy.
Celebration of birth of a baby girl as of boy
Mr. and Mrs. Chand Malik
In 2006 (exact date to be confirmed soon)
The couple and family dared to root out the ages old curse on the name of female. The couple gave birth to a baby girl as their first child and decided to celebrate the birth as of a boy. They organized "Chhati Sangeet Sandhya" (Musical Night at the sixth day of child birth) and did the "Kua and Chalk Poojan" too, which before this were mostly if not observed ever before were ogranized only at the birth of baby boy. Mr. Chand is the son of Ch. Umed Singh Malik. Nidana Heights salutes to you the prestigious couple of Nidana village and being the first to break through such orthodox nexus. (Dated: 21/09/2012)
Inter-religion Marriage
Names soon to be confirmed
Somewhere in 2009
One Muslim (mirasi caste) guy from village and a Hindu (Brahmin) caste girl did love marriage, a unique example in history of village. There were some social complications come across their way in beginning but later on all these were resolved in a peacefull environment. And now both are living a happy life in village.
Inter-caste Marriage
Names soon to be confirmed
Somewhere in 1980's
One Hindu Jat boy got married to one Dalit Balmiki girl and they lived happily. More details will soon be added.

Matured/Aged Legends (age 30 years above):

Story of people group/single person who have/has contributed in social welfare, infrastructural development and cultural interest of society betterment with below criterias:
  • Personality can be of/from any caste, religion, sex or region living and dead both.

  • Personality can be living/hailing in/from Nidana or out of Nidana.

  • Personality contribution should be known at least at a village level.

  • His/her deeds should be non-profitable, exmpelary and of social interest.
Matured/aged legends under this category who set/initiated/setting/initiating new trends/heights in village
Prime Time
Story Brief
Late Pandit Dada Hariram
Extra-ordinary physical stamina and one of most-brave legend of village
Yet to confirm
It is said that once upon a time under specific conditions, dada ji walked with a "Thamb of Choupal" - Stone Pole (almost 2 quintal in weight) from village Nidani to Nidana almost 3 kilometers distance. It is said that it was the matter of village pride and he did it in midnight.
Late Choudhary Numberdaar Dada Santa Singh Malik
Freedome Fighter
1942 - Singapore Azaad Hind Fouj
Dada Ji was one of the prominent freedom fighters. He served in Indian National Army of Neta Ji Shubhash Chandra Bose. His respect and salutation to Neta Ji & love and passion for country always reflected from his attire he was proud of wearing, the logo of INA and Neta Ji on his chest all the times
Late Choudhary Dada Prhlaad Singh Malik
One of most brave hearted legend
Yet to confirm
The most brave hearted legend of village ever heard of, who had the dare and mind to turn the mouth of horse ridden armies (Locally called as "Dhaad") single handedly.
Late Rapmal Shastri Ji
Education Enhancement
You brought Old Boy School in village. Led the early education enhancement in neighboring area.
Late Choudhary Dada Jaagar Singh Malik
Biggest ever donor of village
Land donators for Boys Old School. It is said that thou were scolded by an officer to leave the chair for donators during a function in village for old boy school. Until then he was unaware of the cause of function. The unexpected and rude behavior of offier hurted his self-prestige and he said that "If Jaggar has sit on this chair then nobody can snatch it from him and he announced on spot that I give the all required land for establishing the village school." And village's old school till date stands a testimony to his legendary and ofcourse his big donating heart.

He was also famous for his notorious but wity good acts like making the attitudinal (I don't care attitude) and over-confident youngsters kneeling before him. How he used to do that is another series of interesting social local fanaticals about him to know.
Late Swami Ratan Dev
Girl Education, Anti-Wine and Anti-Smoking moment
1991 to 1997
You renovated the Kanya Pathshala of village.
Initiated and led the anti-wine and anti-smoking movemnets of early to mid 2000's in village.
17 donors of rooms for Kanya Pathshala
Campaigner of Education Movement of village
1991 to 1997
You all donated one room each for canvasing the dream of Swami Ratan Dev into real. Your names are still mounted on main entry gate of Kanya Pathshala of village.

Out of leak individuals:

Story of such legendary individuals, who themselves/oneself are/is/was/were forward and doing/did or taking/took such steps in society which despite being individuals are/were the demand for social betterment. For example steps like:

Out of leak individuals under this category who were individuals but really out of leak from others
Prime Dates
Story Brief
Preferred Daughter-in-law over her 70 acres land and property from her father
Late. Ch. Fateh Singh Malik
Year 1970
It is a story about a father-in-law who preferred her daugther-in-law over the land she was owner of. He returned back 70 acre land, which he could retain lawfully. His this deed is still a stalwart in marriages to be done without any greed of dowry, which perhaps ever would be repeated by anyone. More details will soon be added.

Historical importance, place, identity, fact or belief:
  • Any of above but should be of existence and viable with present day society.

  • Any of above which could leap forward the generations.

  • Any of above with high connectivity to intellectual values and social system.
Historical importance, place, identity, fact or belief under this category from Nidana
Prime for
Prime Dates
Story Brief
Khede-waali let
Victorious revenge by Neela Khaggad
Late 90's
Dada Neella Khagad (village bull) made this place memorable by defeating the Khagad of other village at this place. This revengful victory was famous because thou defeated not a normal Khaggad but one who defeated your ancestoral head bull of village.
Old Paras
Meetings and public conferences
Demolished during 80's
The older Paras was situated at the adjoining place of Jats and Ravidashi residences in west-south location of old village. The place is still there but without building but still remembered as the place for old paras.
Widow Marriage
Ages-old ancient tradition
Locally known as "Latta udhaai", the widow marriage trend is as old as village itself. This is the matter of pride that our village falls under land of Khaps, which has been advance in inducing social reforms in society and "Widow Marriage" is one of them.

Note: Stories/Articles written with proper facts and references will be given priority.

We look forward to be the part of your saga/mission by sharing story of your own or of your group or from your network at our website.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Revision: 07/06/2012

Publisher: NHReL

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