Basic Immunities
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Human Care and Development System of Nidana
Overall Education and Child Development:

Old Government High School (Kheton wala Bada School): Affiliated to HSEB-Bhiwani and established in 1935, school is the oldest testimony to village’s advancement in the field education. School campus is situated in north-eastern green fields (in ambiance of nature), away from all types of pollutions. My father, elders and ancestors studied in this holy campus that still stands tall in the education services of village. In old days it was a co-education; presently a boy school only. How this school was established please read in below under village education revolutions.

New Government Girls High School (Kanya Pathshala): Affiliated to HSEB-Bhiwani, school is situated at extreme north-eastern peripheral ring road of village. There is an interesting story behind its expansion, about which you can read in below paragraphs.

Suraj High School: Situated at south-avenue of village at 2 minutes walking distance from “Dhigana side chhota bus adda” is a private high school affiliated to HSEB, Bhiwani.

Jai Bharat High School: Situated at south side external peripheral ring road of village at 5 minutes walking distance from “Dhigana side chhota bus adda” is a private high school affiliated to HSEB, Bhiwani.
Grand Entrance of Village's Girls School, a PPP establishment built in motivational leadership of Late. Swami Ratandev Sarswati Ji

Daffodils Public School: Situated on Jind-Gohana SH-10 highway in the green-fields at 10 minutes walking distance from “bada bus adda of village” is a public school affiliated to CBSE, Delhi.

Anganwadies: Village children of 2 to 5 years age group are facilitated with 3 Government Anganwaadi Centers in order to provide better day care to them.

Prodh Shiksha Kendra (Adult Education Center): Village has one Prodh Shikhsa Kendra to educate illiterate elders of village.

List of meritorious students of village: The list of village students who passed in various board exams with distinction. We have started with 2010-2011 batch results; a school wise merit list is available on “e-Library” page under “Exam Preps/Results” section. List is under development and will be updated with time.

List of general pass-out students from village schools:
We have started with 2010-2011 batch results; a school wise list of all pass-outs in various board exams will soon be available on “e-Library” page under “Exam Preps/Results” section.

List of educated people of village: How many students have been in village, who was the first metric pass, first graduate, first master, how many merit students, how many general pass outs so far and many more? This list is a try to answer all such questions. List is under development and will soon be available on “e-Library” page under “Exam Preps/Results” section.

Village Education Revolutions:

Revolutionary Establishment of Old Bada School: NH expresses tributes and gratitude to Late Dada Choudhary Naager Singh Malik (the greatest philanthropist of the village known so far), who donated his land for the school. With the efforts of Late Sh. Rampal Shastri Ji, (the person behind bringing the school in village) and other legendary people who travelled to Nidana on his request from Sonipat and Meerut, this temple of education was established in 1935s. Legendary social worker of his time honorary Late Bhagat Phool Singh Malik was also one of the motivators behind this establishment. This is due to the contribution and blessings of this school that Nidana and Lalit Kheda’s have the highest number of graduates in the surrounding area. Since 1935 and till late 2000’s, school was the prime center of education for Nidana & nearby villages. Presently school is affiliated to HSEB-Bhiwani and runs courses from 1st to 10th class.

Revolutionary Expansion of Kanya Pathshala: Late. Swami Ratan Dev Ji Sarswati (the legendry son of mother of Nidana), returned back after successfully establishing the famous KHARAL Kanya Gurukul in Narwana” to his birth place Nidana Nagri (thou used to call Nidana as Nidana Nagri) in last phase of his life in late 1990’s with a dream of establishing same shrine of education in Nidana for the education of girls.. At that time present day Kanya Pathshala was just a primary school with 6 rooms.

Swami Ji mobilized the villagers with dual aim to establish “Kanya Gurukul in Nidana” & to make a “Wine and Smoke free Nidana”. Pursuing his dream of establishing Kanya Gurukul, Swami Ji garnered huge support from the villagers. Village Panchayat donated 6 acres of land adjoining the Primary Kanya Pathshala and 17 of the landlords of the village donated one room each for Kanya Gurukul, Swami ji started his mission and within a period of 3 years, a 24 room building came into existence but Alas! Swami Ji left for his heavenly adobe when his dream project was near completion. Though initially graduation programs were started to establish it as a fully fledged Kanya Gurkul, but later on after Swami Ji’s demise, Government converted it in a New Government Girls High School. Names of the noble souls who donated for construction of those 17 rooms are still inscribed on the right side wall of the main entrance of the school till date.

NH prays in solidarity that almighty may soon bless thou Nidana Nagri with another incarnation of you! O holy soul, your Nagri needs you now more than that era!

Nidana's Health and Nutrition:

Government Primary Health Center: Village is facilitated with government PHC (Primary Health Center) with a team of qualified doctors and support staff. They ensure the proper implementation of various health schemes run by central as well as state governments. It is situated at north shore of external ring road.

Private Health Service Practitioners: On average there are 2-3 private health service practitioners always available in village.
Facade of Village PHC

Mid-day Meal Scheme: The governmental mid-day meal scheme runs in both the government schools of village.

Food Self-Efficiency: After being a semi-dessert land with limited natural irrigation resources, village is self-sufficient in fulfilling its food grain requirements. Since the first green revolution village’s cereal and grains production has grown up to 15 times gross where as human population just 2.5 times so village in its capacity contributes to Nation’s GDP in terms of agro produces and services. This production could even be more times higher if agro-infra could be improved further. Thanks to village brotherhood, hardworking farmers and their humanitarian nature no one poorest of poor or stranger sleep on an empty stomach in the village.

Public Distribution System (PDS): A co-operative society run center (locally called as Ration Depot) distributes food grains and cereals on subsidized rates to poor people of the village under the Public Distribution scheme of the central government.

Civil Veterinary Dispensary: CVD services facilitate a proper medical care for village livestock husbandry. They ensure the implementation of various government schemes for village cattles like recognizing the high quantity milk yielding buffaloes and rewarding their owners is one of CVD activities. “The Murraah on Ramp” an animal show held at Jind on last 22nd February 2012 was one of its own kinds of event ever conducted in world. Top 30 selected quality buffaloes were paraded on the ramp like a fashion show.

On per reliable resource of which CVD is one there are around 4000 Buffalos in the village. Recently in the rally of Gohana held on 2nd November 2013, honorable C. M. of Haryana Sh. Bhupender Singh Hooda announced an insurance policy for the animals under miliking period, a compensation upto INR 50000 is put in place for it.
Office and staff of Village CVD

Sports and Sports Infra of Nidana Village:

Wrestling: The most popular sport of the village in fact calling them the musketeers of Nidana coliseum would be better. Village has produced many national as well as international wrestlers.

Kabbadi: Another form of wrestling but a team game played with same passion as wrestling.

Athletics: Athletics is the second most popular sport of village. One can easily find groups of youth jogging and running on various road and footpaths of village both at dawn and dusk hours. Most of the joggers are wrestlers of the village akhara.

Cricket: Village also has a big number of cricket followers and its own team which plays in various inter-village, inter-region tournaments.

Volleyball: Volleyball is equally enjoyed by youth as well as elders of the village.

Rugby: new game becoming popular in village, recently has seen some players playing at national as well as international levels.

Village Stadium: There is a small stadium in the village which is now courtesy government apathy is in dilapidated condition with broken brick walls.

Village Akhara: Village akhara is like a nursery for wrestling and kabbadi games which has produced many national, state as well as international level players. It has also the record of producing on average 3 to 5 personals every year got selected in various national defense forces and civil police services and forces.

Recognition of Village Akhada: Besides having such a good output track record, village akhara is still to be recognized up to its deserving status by village panchayat or by any related government body. Currently it is run by village senior wrestlers turned coaches (just in persuasion of their passion for the game) with bare minimum basic sporting facilities to nurture the sporting culture in village youth and to bring best out of them.
Village Akhara, wrestlers in action under surveillance of their coach Sh. Ajmer Singh Malik

Akhara should be placed in its deserving format: This is a pity on the name of village brotherhood that one side is enjoying almost all modern day facilities (either provided by government or arranged by community); on the other hand no one pays attention to the problems of Akhara. It is just the passion of youth for the game that they run the Akhara in campus of the Kanya Pathshala on their own. Village elders of any format don’t understand the importance of the sports and don’t owe responsibility to further supporting carriers and career of their children. Village has a hefty pool of international level sport enthusiasts who can shine on international arena but due to lack of facilities is forcing them to nip their sporting ambitions in the budding.

List of sports persons of the village:

Senior sportsmen/women list: Under development

Junior sportsmen/women list:
Under development

Note: More details about these functionaries will be provided with time.

Jai Dada Nagar Kheda Bada Bir

Author: P. K. Malik

First Revision: 04/05/2012

Publisher: NHReL

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